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You can create the life of your dreams

- proactively and consciously.

Exactly like a builder building a house. 


He takes a brick - intentionally.

He places the brick - intentionally.

And he - intentionally - puts the grey sticky stuff on the brick. 


Then he takes a new brick and throws it on the first one and so on and so forth.

You are the builder and you are holding the brick.

Sadness, anger, frustration, confusion of the feeling of being completely stuck - those are feelings and emotions that play an important role in our lives.

They need our attending. 

There are to be felt. 

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Online program filled with Tapping rituals for everyday conscious creation of your life.

AVAILABLE ON THE 1. 11. 2020

They say "Life is not just unicorns and rainbows" 



You know this - you can't really control all the things that happen to you

What you can control tho is the way you feel

You don't have to wait for the circumstances to change and make you feel better - you can feel good anytime.

Just because you decided to. 


You can feel good right now.


And you know what's the coolest thing? 

The minute you start to feel good you become a magnet for all your dreams and desires.

You attract what you put out. 

Chose today to be a conciouss and powerful creator of your life.

Choose unicorns and rainbows.


I have created something for you...

...something super easy to use. 

...something you just can just turn on every morning and simply repeat after me

- and  feel the energy rise. 

...something you can use when you feel down (sad, frustrated, hangry, stuck, disgusted, desperate, bored or just "meh") and you decide to feel better (calm, confident, decisive, magnetic, hopeful, loving, excited, joyful, harmonized, radiant and aligned).

...but also something that you will use when you feel good and want to


Because its your birthright to feel the best way possible. 


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Online program 


Is based on Tapping also known as EFT

(Emotional Freedom Technique) 

Tapping could be explained as a psychological acupuncture.

We say things out loud and at the same time we tap on meridian points on our body. With this the energetic blocks in our body get unblocked - the unwanted programming released and the wanted stored in the system. 

At the start of each Tapping ritual we describe the feelings as they are right now (and we don't want them to be anymore) so that they come to the surface and can be dissolved. Then we continue to affirm whatever we want to believe and feel instead and fixate it into the subconscious mind.

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Sounds complicated?

Trust me - it's not.


With the program you will receive introductory videos where I explain everything you need to know.



You will receive a beautiful PDF document with words from me, introductory videos and 11 tapping rituals on topics listed below. 


Your only task then would be

1. You watch the 10 min video.

2. You repeat after me.

3. You feel your energy rise.


The pink lady with a chihuahua, life coach, therapist, teacher and mentor. I speak, inspire, support and give all I can with the goal to empower all the women to live their lives as fully as possible. 

Five years ago I was confused, stuck and completely lost in what to do with my life. I've walked the path of confusion, frustration, fear, sicKness and most painfully "I JUST SIMPLY DON'T KNOW."

Im living my best life today and am on a different path. On the one that leads me to fulfilling ALL of my wildest dreams and desires of living an EXTRAORDINARY life. 


I see life as a space filled with unlimited potential for all of us - even for you. 

My purpose is to help all women transform fears, doubts, confusion and uncertainty into breathtaking certainty, confidence and JOY. 

Everything is possible.


With a little guidance - you can make it too.

Let me show you how ♡.

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of the awesome topics of your Tapping rituals. 

Can't wait.


What is Tapping, how it works plus answering all the Qs that may pop in your head.

We will just swift through what Tapping is and I will very simply explain how it works.

I will also answer many of the questions that may pop into you head as you learn about this awesome and transformational technique. (How to tap, where to tap, how hard to tap and so on).


Tapping ritual - to have an awesome day

It's said that your morning sets the tone for your day. And also that each day is a new beginning. ​I really don't think tho that we need to be victims of a specific "success guaranteed" morning routine - we can just let it be simple and easy. When it's simple and easy and fun then you will quite naturally make it part of your daily regime. This Tapping ritual is about how to consciously create your day even tho you woke up overwhelmed. How to calm yourself right in the morning, open yourself for miracles and get yourself excited knowing that whatever happens you can still control how you feel about it. And you choose to feel gooooood.


Tapping ritual - on success

You were born to be successful in everything that's on your heart to do. Sometimes our doubts can be overwhelming. We start comparing ourselves with others and the minute we don't experience immediate success we think that we must be doing something wrong. And when we are certain that we're doing everything right but still no results - then we become convinced that there must be something wrong with us. BLEH! Success takes time. It doesn't have to be long time by no means but it's still T-I-M-E. It's our job to switch these ugly thoughts for some much prettier. That  we can do it. That we are meant to succeed. That we choose to believe that we are exactly where we're supposed to be. That it will all workout for our highest good. Practice daily and your body and subconscious mind will believe it too. 


Tapping ritual - on money flow

Our relationship with money is like any other - subject to programming and limiting beliefs that we gathered throughout our lives. We don't really want to trust them anymore but those little snitches got stuck in our subconscious and go on an autopilot without our knowing. You all know these - "Money is root of all evil, rich person = arrogant and bad, poverty is a noble thing..." - we will completely throw these out of your system and replace them with beliefs that money multiplies character and serves only good in hands of good hearted person. Money is serving you and supporting you. Only when you feel fully supported can you be of the highest service to others. Everything in the universe wishes for you to have more money than you need and you are more deserving than you realize. Start to see the good in you and believe in your worthiness. 


Tapping ritual - on health/self-healing/releasing pain

Pain, illness or any sort of discomfort in our body is often unprocessed and unhealed emotions stuck in our body. These are a result of experiencing the same emotional patterns - either consciously or subconsciously - over and over again without really resolving them. Tapping has been proven to help with releasing stuck emotions and thus relieving the pain and ideally also the chronic patterns that are causing it. We will also be practicing a conscious relaxation of those parts of our body experiencing pain - which might sound quite strange but is exactly what needs to be done for the emotional tension to release and for the pain to go away. 


Tapping ritual - on confidence

Every time you doubt yourself.  Every time you think about yourself as anything less than an awesome being that deserves all their wishes and dreams and desires to be fulfilled - and also that you are powerful enough to actually manifest those things into your life - then it's YOUR JOB to convince yourself otherwise. To sit yourself down and clear all that nonsense out of your head. So click play and let's do this.


Tapping ritual - on releasing fear

Fear - as scary as it may be - is just a thought. Very ugly and usually very strong thought that can develop itself in hundreds and hundreds of other ugly thoughts. These usually create terrible scenarios in our head that in turn cause total emotional storm and rather unpleasant feelings all over our body. Oh my dear - trust that you are not alone in this,. But! As with every thought also with the fear based one can something be done. And it shall! You don't have to get overwhelmed by fear. You can stay calm and relaxed - every time you decide to do so. 


Tapping ritual - on love.

We know this. Our relationships work as mirrors of ourselves. The way we perceive ourselves, our value. The way we think about ourselves and how much we respect ourselves. In other words - our ideal relationship starts with us. The best way to go about this is to stop analyzing the other part (why did he do that? It must be because of his childhood...Does he love me? Am I good enough for him? Why hasn't he called/behaved the way I wanted him to?...) and align with how I actually want to feel in my ideal relationship instead - and bring this energy into the relationship. A women is the main creative force in a relationship. She sets the depth, rhythm and emotional intimacy. Maybe you don't really see it this way because you've handed your feminine power over to the outside circumstances. TAKE. IT. BACK. 


Tapping ritual - on forgiveness - to self and others

Nedávno jsem někde četla - "Dnes jsem se rozhodla ti odpustit. Ne proto, že by ses mi omluvil. Ne proto, že bys uznal všechnu tu bolest, kterou jsi mi způsobil. Ale proto, že moje duše si zaslouží klid." Odpouštíme né proto, že bychom schvalovali všechno špatné co někdo - nebo my sami - udělal, ale proto, že si sebou nechceme táhnout bolest, která vznikla v minulosti. Odpouštíme proto, abychom se osvobodili a uzdravili. Abychom se cítili lehčí, abychom nežili v minulosti a mohli se věnovat tvorbě svého života tady a teď. 

Odpuštění je vědomý akt. Čas mu pomůže, ale není to jediná proměnná. Začneme odpouštět už dnes. 


ne 29. 11. 2020

EFT rituál - na projasnění a procítění tvého snu.

Aby ses do detailu dokázala nacítit na svůj sen, svou vizi a svůj život snů, je k tomu zapotřebí trochu kreativity. Vědět, na jaké pocity a činnosti ve svém ideálním dnu zaměřit. Tvůj život snů je stvořený z mnoha oblastí - tvoje tělo, vztahy, jídlo, aktivita/sport, domov, koníčky, spirituálno, příroda, rodina, děti, volný čas, práce, pomoc lidem, krásné věci kolem tebe...Provedu tě vizualizací, ve které si ochutnáš co všechno tohle ve své ideální podobě znamená pro tebe. Víš já nevěřím tomu, že když se nám v jedné oblasti života daří, tak se jiná musí pokazit. Věřím, že se nám může dařit ve všech najednou. Rozhodla jsem se žít neobyčejně vyjímečný život. Ty můžeš taky. Na jeho začátku stojí schopnost si ho představit. A to spolu uděláme. A můžu ti slíbit - rozhodně se nebudeme držet při zemi. 


ne 6. 12. 2020

EFT rituál - na vděčnosti a bytí v přítomném okamžiku.

Kdyby byla jedna jediná věc, která nám zajistí krásný život, tak je to schopnost být šťastná teď, ať se děje cokoliv - a umět si tenhle pocit vyvolat. Tohle je dovednost, která se dá naučit jako každá jiná. Je tolik věcí, kterým můžeme v průběhu dne věnovat vědomou pozornost a najít na nich něco hezkýho. Ze začátku to někdy drhne - zkus říct například dělníkům, kteří už dva roky každý den od sedmi od rána velmi hlasitě rekonstruují protější dům, že jsou tvoji nejoblíbenější dělníci na světě :D. Takže jasně že je budeš chtít poslat do míst, kde slunce nesvítí a stěžovat si na ně každému, kdo má dvě uši. Ale jednou tě to prostě přestane bavit a zjistíš, že tím doslova otravuješ sama sebe. A zvolíš si uvidět to jinak. Okolnosti se nejdřív nezmění, ale ty se budeš cítit líp - a díky tomu se začne měnit taky vše kolem. Uvidíš ten fičák.


ne 13. 12. 2020

EFT rituál - na uvolnění, odevzdání a důvěru v proces. 

Někdy se věci nedaří né proto, že bychom se snažili málo, ale proto, že se snažíme moc. A to je jako kdybys zasadila semínko a co hodinu ho chodila vyšťourávat z hlíny na povrch a koukat, jestli už roste. Semínko potřebuje svůj čas - a když mu ho dáš, tak tě odmění krásnými plody. Stejně tak se ty můžeš po žensku usadit a přenechat horlivou snahu a tlak na výkon chlapům - jim to jde mnohem líp, je jim to přirozený. Ženám tolik ne. tak se vraťme je svojí přirozenosti a nechme věci, ať se pro nás stanou. 

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I want in


11 + 1 videos (which you get for life)

49 $

(The actual payment will be made in CZK (1 USD = cca 23,05 CZK) For your safety you will be charged 1100 CZK which is even a little less than 49 $ to avoid the risks of exchange rate fluctuations.)

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